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Confidence  (Squared) 


Confidence Squared Coaching Program is a transformative journey designed for women aged 30 and older who are ready to step into their full potential and make a lasting impact. Guided by a seasoned leader who once grappled with confidence, the program empowers participants to embrace their unique stories, visions, and dreams. Through a carefully crafted curriculum comprising four dynamic modules, personalized 1:1 coaching sessions, and enriching group coaching experiences, Confidence Squared provides the tools and insights needed to clarify, articulate, and execute impactful visions. From discovering niche expertise to mastering effective communication and marketing strategies, the program equips women to navigate challenges, build resilience, and confidently bring their dreams to fruition – be it creating a product, sharing a powerful message, launching a business, or penning a life-changing book. Now is the time for women to invest in their true, confident selves and embark on a journey of competence, courage, and compassionate impact. Confidence Squared is more than a coaching program; it's a catalyst for personal and professional transformation. Now is the time for YOU to fulfill your purpose to be fruitful (produce) and multiply and do it over and over and over with authority and this program will help you identify the vehicle or way in which you successfully do that each and everyday of your life!

This program is over a 2-week period in which live training is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays

at 7pm CST for 1.5hrs. 


Next Cohort Start Date: March 12, 2024


Secure your spot today for only $497 or

make two installments of $250:

1st installment before the start date and 2nd installment at the end date of program.

Here's what you can expect in the 
Confidence2 (Squared): Positioned to Produce Program

Module 1: Clarifying Your Impact Vision

  • Introduction to the program and key concepts

  • Defining your personal values and how they align with making an impact

  • Identifying your unique strengths and skills

  • Crafting a powerful personal mission statement for your impact journey

Module 2: Building a Purposeful Product or Service 

  • Understanding the needs of your target audience

  • Brainstorming ideas for impactful products or services

  • Design thinking for social innovation

  • Creating a prototype or plan for your product or service

Module 3: Communication and Marketing for Social Impact

  • Developing a compelling narrative for your impact project

  • Building an authentic personal brand

  • Social media strategies for impact entrepreneurs

  • Crafting an effective elevator pitch for your product or service

Module 4: Overcoming Challenges and Staying Resilient

  • Identifying potential challenges in your impact journey

  • Developing a growth mindset

  • Strategies for overcoming setbacks and failures

  • Building a support network for resilience

1:1 Coaching Session

  • Personalized guidance and support tailored to your specific goals and challenges

  • Deep dive into individual concerns and opportunities

  • Action planning for immediate next steps in your impact journey

Group Coaching Session

  • Peer learning and collaboration within the program community

  • Q&A sessions with the facilitator and fellow participants

  • Sharing successes, challenges, and insights

  • Building a supportive community for ongoing encouragement

Program Features

  • Access to a dedicated online platform for course materials, resources, and community interaction

  • Downloadable worksheets and templates for each module

  • Recordings of all training sessions for review

  • Email support for additional questions or concerns

  • Exclusive access to a community forum for ongoing networking and collaboration


  • The program fee includes all four modules, 1:1 coaching, and group coaching sessions

  • Payment plans for flexibility

You will leave the program with a clarified vision for the next decade of your life and effective communication and marketing skills, as well as resilience strategies to make a positive impact in your circle of influence and possibly the world.

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