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If your organization is a Nonprofit or Faith-based Ministry looking to serve more and reach more as well as attract more volunteers, donors, members, funding and resources to fulfill its mission or if you have a Small Business needing to generate more leads and increase sales, ABR FIRM can help you craft the right message to market to your target audience so that you reach your goals. 

Our goal is to elevate and expand the work of our clients to the extent they desire. 

We believe in the power of collaboration which is the approach we take in working with our clients.

Our strategy and coaching sessions are designed to translate your

biggest and brightest ideas into a project, product or service and then

guide you through the development and implementation phases.


Our polished and professional design work includes

website design, slide decks/presentations, training manuals and workbooks

 as well as attractive business plans, proposals and annual reports for nonprofit organizations. 


Let's work together to chart a course to GOOD SUCCESS for you and/or your business!

We help our clients increase their productivity and position them for profitability.

Business Presentation


Strategic Planning

Ensure your organization is fulfilling its mission and achieving its goals through clear strategies.

 We conduct pre-retreat interviews, produce a discovery report, retreat facilitation and post-retreat work to prepare a comprehensive strategic plan that can be used by both board and staff for full implementation.

We conduct strategy sessions for businesses and organizations that are looking to expand their services, launch a new program or product or recreate their brand and improve their online presence to generate more leads and increase conversions.

Leadership and Team

Executive leadership, management team and individual coaching packages are available as well as organizational consulting. 

Individual and/or Group Coaching packages consist of 

a set block of hours and sessions over a period of time predetermined by the individual or organization.

Brand Management

As business owners with several projects, we understand the importance of clearly communicating what your brand is, how it is perceived in the public and how to connect it to your target audience in order to build a loyal customer base. 

This is where our team implements our I.C.E.E. method:

Intentionality + Care +

Excellence in Execution. 

Through trial and error, we have used this method that includes effective business and marketing strategies to grow our global customer base

and loyal following.

Video Call with Sign Language


Improve the workflow of your business to maximize resources and increase productivity.


Share the impact of your organization's mission with a professionally designed and captivating story through your digital annual report in the form of a flip book.


Customize your training materials, workbooks, proposals, website and much more for brand consistency.


Bring your team together to discuss strategy and implementation through results-based facilitation and group coaching. 

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