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BOOK MOCKUP_Manuscript CONFIDENCE Woman Entrepreneur Manuscript (5.5 × 8.5 in) (2).png

"CONFIDENCE: A Biblical Guide to Becoming the Confident Woman Entrepreneur of Your Life"                                 is an empowering book that combines entrepreneurial expertise with biblical wisdom, equipping women with practical strategies and spiritual foundations to thrive as confident entrepreneurs aligned with their faith and purpose. Purchase your copy today for $22.97.

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Download Your FREE Copy of the CONFIDENCE Daily Prayer here.

Sista Story 7-Day Devotional (2).png

"Get Into Position" is an inspirational 7-day devotional designed exclusively for women seeking to align their lives with purpose and empowerment. Through daily reflections and insightful scriptures, this downloadable guide navigates women towards a position of strength, self-discovery, and spiritual growth. Purchase your copy today for only $5.

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Promo_When  Women Get Into Position Book Cover (11.577 × 8.75 in) (5.5 × 8.5 in).png

The "When Women Get Into Position: Right Posture For A Righteous Purpose" 21-Day Devotional is a transformative journey designed to empower women to step into their God-ordained destinies. With a focus on 21 inspiring women from the Bible, this devotional delves into their stories, shedding light on how they embraced their unique roles and positions to fulfill God's purpose. Through relatable and conversational reflections, each day offers a fresh perspective on women who made a lasting impact in the scriptural narrative.

This devotional aims to encourage readers to adopt the posture of faith, courage, and obedience displayed by these women. It guides readers to reflect on the lessons from each woman's journey, drawing out practical insights for modern life. From Eve's beginnings to Mary Magdalene's resurrection encounter, the devotional captures the essence of each woman's story, while also highlighting their faith challenges, triumphs, and the transformative power of their encounters with God. Purchase your copy for $22.97

Price includes shipping and handling.

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