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Professional Learning 

Expand Your Capacity to
Effectively Manage the Classroom
and Engage Students 

Our Chief Education and Training Consultant has over 20+ years in the public school system and is passionate about reaching and teaching each and every student. He specializes in training educators on how to manage the classroom and engage their students for the optimal learning experience.


Areas covered in Classroom Management training includes:

  1. Establishing Classroom Rules and Expectations: Teachers learn how to set clear rules and expectations for behavior in the classroom, and how to communicate these rules to students in a way that is clear and consistent.

  2. Building Positive Relationships: Teachers learn how to build positive relationships with their students, including strategies for communicating effectively, showing empathy, and building trust.

  3. Preventing and Managing Disruptive Behavior: Teachers learn strategies for preventing and managing disruptive behavior in the classroom, including techniques for de-escalating conflicts and addressing behavior issues proactively.

  4. Creating a Structured Learning Environment: Teachers learn how to create a structured learning environment that supports student engagement and academic success, including strategies for pacing lessons, managing transitions, and creating routines.

  5. Using Positive Reinforcement: Teachers learn how to use positive reinforcement to motivate students and reinforce positive behavior in the classroom.

  6. Managing Group Work and Collaboration: Teachers learn strategies for managing group work and collaboration in the classroom, including techniques for assigning roles, managing conflicts, and promoting teamwork.

  7. Working with Diverse Learners: Teachers learn how to work effectively with diverse learners, including students with special needs, English language learners, and students from different cultural backgrounds.

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